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Entrepreneurship & Business Development

Courses in this Theme will enable participants to better understand the business concepts, and will provide tools for the implementation of business ideas in reality. These courses are mainly recommended for business students, however all other types of students interested in developing their business knowledge are welcome to participate, since the only prerequisite is a general idea of economics, and organisational structure.

Check courses from the table below, and be aware that it is only possible to attend 1 course per Term.

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Social Media Marketing





Social Media Marketing

Entrepreneurship from Innovation to Realization  

Entrepreneurial Innovation Management

Further explanation of each course is provided below.


EIR – Entrepreneurship from Innovation to Realization

Would you like to learn how to write a Business Plan?
Do you want to exploit real-life opportunities?

Besides the theory thought in the Entrepreneurship course, you will work with exercises which you will get experience from and they will make you reflect about what are you taught. After completion of this 4-week course, you will get 10 ECTS points which can be used in your further education.

Please notice, that this course is strongly based on group work and personal involvement of each course participant. Therefore besides application, a written Motivation Letter is required in order to be accepted to the course. For more information, please read the prerequisites in the Course Description below.

All participants of the EIR course can have accommodation free of charge.

Course Description (pdf)


SMM – Social Media Marketing

Are you fascinated by the fast moving area of social networking?
Do you realize how Facebook and Twitter are influencing the world market?

This course gives participants a broader understanding of social media and its varying types. You will understand what is the professional networking and you will try to develop a company's marketing strategy based on social media. Have you ever been identifying and analyzing the media platforms for specific target groups and business goals? We have specialists who will teach you all of this. 

Notice, even though this course is offered in two different Terms, it is the exact same course, which means you can only attend it once.
Choose a course in the Term which fits best to your personal preferences, or to the timetable of another course that you would like to attend.  

Course Description (pdf) 


EIM – Entrepreneurial Innovation Management – for young & mature enterprises

How is innovation critical in modern businesses?

At this course you will learn about the planning, participating and evaluation of the innovation process. Besides theories from the book, this course will pass through real cases explained in academic articles as well as in real life examples.  

Course Description (pdf)