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VIA launches two free online courses about dementia and CSR

As the first university college in Denmark, VIA now offers two English MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) about dementia and CSR. Enrollment is open now.


Danish way of life is on display in china

In the following week, the metropolis of Chengdu in western China will be the host of a “Denmark week”. The week will be a showcase for Danish pedagogy and pre-schools, elderly care, design and environmental solutions.

Student statements

Iulia Adriana Popa

Iulia Adriana Popa

"When you arrive in a different country and a completely different culture, you get many surprises."

Yuanjia Chen studying from China is studying Architectural Technology and Construction Management

Yuanjia Chen 

"I had only studied one semester at VIA Campus Horsens, when I was invited to Slovakia to spend Christmas with a girl from my class"